Discover mattress: this will lose an old mattress

If the old mattress is saggy or if a modern and larger model is to be produced, sooner or later the question arises as to how best to dispose of the discarded sleeping pad: Is the old mattress at the recycling center the best? Does it belong to the bulky waste or may it be simply marked as “to give away” marked on the roadside? We show how to dispose of the old mattress and help to find the right alternative.

Dispose of the mattress – the most important thing in a nutshell

  • Old mattresses can be disposed of on the garbage, the recycling yard or with the help of a commercial.
  • If the mattress is well preserved, it can be resold or donated.
  • Many retailers dispose of old mattresses when buying a new one for free.
  • If the old mattress is simply put on the side of the road, it threatens a fine.

Recycle used mattresses

Transporting old mattresses to the recycling center can be quite cumbersome – especially if there is no suitable means of transport with enough cargo space available. If it is a mattress that really is no longer suitable for use, a call to the regional waste management company can solve the problem. Buy new mattress from amerisleep.

If the old mattress can no longer be used to sleep with the best of intentions, it is time to finally break away from it. If it can not actually be resold, given away or donated, it is – like all bulky and discarded furniture – actually belonged to the bulky waste. However, anyone who wants to save waiting for the mattress to be collected can also deliver it – quickly and easily – to a recycling center nearby.

At a nearby recycling depot, bulky household waste can often be handed in free of charge – although costs may vary but may vary from region to region. The fact that used mattresses can often be delivered free of charge sometimes depends on other factors. Because in a saggy, discarded mattress are still valuable raw materials, which can be quite reused.