Presentation of the different spring models

In a comparison of the spring mattresses it becomes clear that there is not only one type of mattresses with spring cores – instead of one basically differentiates between mattresses with spring core, pocket spring core and barrel pocket spring core. Each of these models is characterized by different reclining features, which we want to get to the bottom of here.

Pocket spring core: Convinced by a good point elasticity

The pocket spring cores differ from the Bonnell spring cores in that they are surrounded by fabric pockets that promise greater comfort and extra point elasticity. Pocket spring mattresses adapt to the body therefore particularly well, which is associated with an improvement in sleeping comfort – in addition, unpleasant sounds of steel springs are prevented by the fabric bags.

Pocket Springs: For the highest demands

Pocket Springs differs by a very important feature of Bonnell spring cores and pocket spring cores: The springs of the Pocket Springs mattresses are not wasted, but bulbous shaped. This optimizes the flexibility of the springs and thus the comfort of lying – as well as the point elasticity. The high-quality barrel pocket spring mattresses are more in the upper price segment – but the owners of such a mattress benefit from a high degree of comfort in every sleeping position.


Spring mattresses convince by a variety of advantages, which include primarily the long life, which is associated with the stable metal springs. The fact that a lot of space is left between the individual springs even in the pocket spring mattresses, the air can also optimally circulate – the mattresses are characterized by high breathability and are considered to be particularly hygienic. In addition, good air circulation prevents the formation of mold, which ensures a positive sleeping climate. Especially people who sweat heavily at night can benefit from a spring mattress.Also, the lying comfort convinces in comparison: Apart from the Bonnell spring core, which is accompanied by a relatively soft lying surface, spring mattresses are characterized by their hardness, which can contribute to a healthy posture. Also, the optimal point elasticity speaks for most people for a purchase. If you also want to save money when buying the actual bed and the bed frame, then you are also well advised with a spring mattress: The mattresses with sturdy steel springs are also suitable for simple slatted frames since they already bring a stabilizing base. Buy pocket springs from best mattress online store amerisleep