What is a cold fluff topper?

The cold fluff is also called HR foam, where the HR stands for “high resilient”. Thus, the material is highly elastic and is ideal for the production of mattresses and mattress pads. A cold fluff topper has a cold fluff core. This is made of polyurethane and the material completely harmless to health. For the production, the polyether is used and through this creates an open-pore structure. As a result, the cold fluff is considered very breathable and ensures good air circulation. The material is characterized in the test by high point elasticity and forms both a solid and a pleasant surface.

For whom is a cold fluff topper suitable?

A topper made of cold fluff is suitable because of its properties for almost everyone. The pleasant and firm base meets most sleep needs in the test. The mattress topper can be used with both a modern box spring bed and a classic mattress. Thanks to a high point elasticity and an improved load capacity, a cold fluff topper is also suitable for people with a higher weight. Cold fluff tops are available in all common sizes and with different degrees of hardness.

It does not matter if it is a single or a double bed. Compared to other materials, the cold fluff quickly recovers its original shape. For this reason, a topper is also suitable for people who move a lot during the night. Due to the open-pore structure, the material is very breathable and characterized by good climate properties. This makes a topper made of cold fluff also suitable for sweaty people. Most mattress pads have a removable cover and can, therefore, be used by house dust allergy sufferers.

For whom is a cold fluff topper not suitable?

Due to the many positive properties, cold fluff toppers can be used by most people. Consequently, the persons for whom such a topper is not suitable are clearly in the minority. People who like to be as soft as possible are usually not satisfied with a topper made of cold fluff. Buy best mattress from Amerisleep.