What to look for when buying?

Bonnell spring mattresses are usually very cheap to buy, but you should pay particular attention to a few things:


On a long shelf life, every buyer should value. With inferior mattresses, the feathers can rub through the upholstery after some time and the lying comfort can be restricted to a considerable extent.

Proper slatted frame

Spring mattresses, and a Bonnell spring mattress, in particular, are best placed on an invisible slatted base. Because only on a straight level, the mattress can be used optimally.


Different degrees of hardness are available to people with different needs. The degrees of hardness range from H 1 (soft) to H 3 (hard) and are unfortunately not standardized but vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, a test-proof before the purchase is always recommended. Not only personal wishes play a role in the selection, but also the own body weight. In principle, the heavier the weight, choose a harder mattress.


Even if most of the spring mattresses offered no longer contain pollutants, one should always pay attention to a quality label.

Is Bonnell spring mattress suitable for boxspring beds?

In a box spring bed, which consists of three parts, in addition to the box spring and the topper usually, Bonnell- or pocket spring mattresses are included. The type of mattress a box spring bed should have on purchase depends on which lying characteristics and which body weight the customer brings.

Which slatted base do you choose for Bonnell spring mattress?

For a balanced air circulation under each mattress belongs a slatted frame. In sleep, the person loses up to half a liter of fluid per night, which is largely released to the mattress. Therefore, it is important that a good slatted frame underneath the mattress can release the moisture.

Another important function is fulfilled by the slatted frame, together with the mattress, as an adaptation to the body contours. The sleeping body should be supported and relieved. For a Bonnell spring mattress, a rigid slatted frame is best. An adjustable should not be chosen for this type of mattress. Because the possible manual adjustment of the head and foot height is useful only with a cold fluff mattress. Buy best mattress from Amerisleep.