Which mattress gives me a good night’s sleep?

On average, we spend about 2,500 hours a year in bed, about one-third of our lives. Therefore, you should take a lot of time when buying. Because “the best” mattress does not exist. The choice is a very personal thing – and a return is not possible or only with considerable losses. Sometimes, however, you can test at home for a few days.

Side, abdominal, or back sleepers?

If the user is on his side, pelvis and shoulders should sink so that the spine on the back forms a straight line. The pillow is also important: with the right pillow, the cervical vertebrae are at the height of the spine.

If you are a couple and using a bed, everyone needs to have their own rust and their own mattress, in order that each back has the best pad for him. You may also be able to use a normal mattress – but then it should be absolutely pointed elastic. That means each area indulges individually, devoid of affecting its surrounding areas. You can buy mattress from Amerisleep.

Caution: Hardness levels are not standardized

The degrees of hardness of mattresses are not standardized. Therefore, you should always try the mattresses, if there are different sleep systems in each of several hardnesses. But if basically everything fits, the rest is almost a matter of taste. Those who want to be on the safe side can go to a specialist store that has been certified by Healthy Back.

Basically, back experts advise but rather to a slightly harder variant of the mattress. Because on a too soft mattress, the sleeper falls and cannot move enough.

The flexible base: the slatted frame

The best mattress does not use anything without good suspension. Today, the slatted frame no longer necessarily has to be made of wood. There are a number of different solutions now. The experts speak of a sleep system. Also applies to the suspension: The lower suspension must be individually adjustable for shoulder and pelvis, the more differentiated, the better. Beechwood slatted frames are the most stable, but it is also important how often the slats are glued together. Heavy people should buy seven to tenfold glued strips.